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By registering on this site you get your global user that you will use as authentication when starting Slancontrol in online mode. This is needed to make sure no one else is using your player name. The registration is straight forward. No personal information is kept what so ever. There is a field for an email address, but this can be left out since it's only used for automatic password retrieval.

Note that it is not required to register a player id and password in order to play Slancontrol. The offline mode is always available, but with the lack of uploading your track scores to the world record list.

System requirements

Slancontrol has been developed and tested on a core i5 750 with 6Gb memory on a 9800GT running Windows7 64. This is hopefully not needed :). Slancontrol is not in any way a massive game but unfortunatelly it has not been tested on many other systems. It should work fine on any Windows machine with a graphics card supporting HW T&L. No shader support is needed.

Download and install

The beta version of Slancontrol is delivered as a rar archive, hence the "installation" is straight forward. Please follow the steps below.

  • If you want your highscores to be uploaded and part of the global standings, please register a user here
  • DirectX 9.0c (version 9.27.1734) or later must be installed, try this link (DX9 runtime web installer August 2009).
  • If you don't develop in Visual studio on your machine, you probably need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 redistributable package. It can be found here. If you play alot of games on your computer, you most likely already have these files installed.
  • Click this link to download the Slancontrol archive
  • Extract the archive and double click Slancontrol.exe to play!

Quick manual and beta limitations

The following key bindings are configured in the beta (not changable)

  • W - Thrust
  • A - Rotate left
  • D - Rotate right
  • R - Change camera mode. There are two modes, one behind the ship and one top down. Use the correct mode depending on the situation!
  • Z - Toggle HUD/Menu
  • T - Take screenshot (goes to screenshots/ folder in installation dir)

There are some known bugs and limitations as well.

  • Changing to fullscreen is possible (via ALT+ENTER), but changing back to window (again with ALT+ENTER) crashes
  • It is impossible to change any settings what so ever (like resolution, vertex processing, multisampling, depthstencil, backbuffer format and so on..).

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